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Boomopolis Helps Give Away $700 in Gift Cards thru Gyft and Top Vine Influencer, Ronnie Banks

Uncategorized December 5, 2013

Ronnie Banks - Vine

Ronnie Banks – Vine

Boomopolis has partnered with mobile app, Gyft and top Viner influencer, Ronnie Banks (currently at 1.4 million followers on Vine) to give away $700 in gift cards.

Banks will make a special appearance on Saturday, December 7th at 12:30pm in San Francisco’s Union Square to meet his fans.  Simultaneously, he’s calling out two contests for his followers.

Contest 1: Make the coolest Vine about Gyft. Post it by Friday and win a $200 gift card.  (Must tag with #gyft)

Contest 2: Download Gyft, take a screenshot of it, and then upload that shot to Instagram by Monday.  One lucky winner will win a $500 gift card. (Must tag with #gyft #HACKHIV)

Gyft is a digital gift card platform that lets people manage their gift cards by ditching the plastic and using their mobile devices to store, send, and redeem cards.

To see Ronnie’s Vines about Gyft, simply look for them on the Vine app after 4pm PST on 12/5/13.

Gyft Vine Campaign

On your mark, get set, GO.

If you’re a brand who’s interested in influencer marketing via Vine, Twitter or Instagram, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 818-538-4011.

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