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Maximize Your Exposure: TV and Radio Opportunities for Small Businesses, Startups and Professionals.


Boomopolis has two divisions – Boomopolis.com and Boomopolis.tv.

Boompolis.com focuses on social media marketing.  We manage social media influencers and align them with brands to help the brands get more exposure.  To learn more, please visit boomopolis.com.

Information on Booomopolis.tv is below.

Congratulations. Your 15 minutes of fame begins TODAY.

Our mission is simple – to make it as easy as possible for professionals and small business owners to get on TV, radio, or even print, as either a expert/commentator, contestant or just plain old participant.

Through the site, real people can submit their profile with a click of a button to reality shows, game shows, documentaries, talk shows and commercials.

On the flipside, we hope to make it easier than ever for producers to cast these shows by simply posting their media opportunities here and browsing through our members. (Note: Concierge services are also available for producers looking for a very specific type. Please email us for more info.)

While the majority of real people appear on TV just for fun or to win prizes, it’s also a way to get better exposure for your business.  A perfect example is a real estate broker commenting on the state of the housing market for a talk show segment or a small business expert being the judge on a business reality show.

Many celebrities have benefited greatly from first appearing on reality shows and game shows. Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Farrah Fawcett appeared on The Dating Game before they were famous, and Elizabeth Hasselback (host of The View) was originally a contestant on Survivor.  The list goes on and on – Theresa Caputo (Long Island Medium), Jo Frost (Super Nanny), Bethenny Frankel (Real Housewives). These people were able to parlay their reality show participation into other avenues – books, businesses, etc. We’re not saying everyone wants to be a huge star, but if you do, being on one of these shows is one possible route. 

Our Full Press Release (originally launched under the name, Contestantville)

All of Our Services

To get a listing is completely free. Feel free to give it a spin. You never know. You might just end up being as famous as these people…


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