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Boomopolis Helps Give Away $700 in Gift Cards thru Gyft and Top Vine Influencer, Ronnie Banks

Uncategorized December 5, 2013

Ronnie Banks - Vine

Ronnie Banks – Vine

Boomopolis has partnered with mobile app, Gyft and top Viner influencer, Ronnie Banks (currently at 1.4 million followers on Vine) to give away $700 in gift cards.

Banks will make a special appearance on Saturday, December 7th at 12:30pm in San Francisco’s Union Square to meet his fans.  Simultaneously, he’s calling out two contests for his followers.

Contest 1: Make the coolest Vine about Gyft. Post it by Friday and win a $200 gift card.  (Must tag with #gyft)

Contest 2: Download Gyft, take a screenshot of it, and then upload that shot to Instagram by Monday.  One lucky winner will win a $500 gift card. (Must tag with #gyft #HACKHIV)

Gyft is a digital gift card platform that lets people manage their gift cards by ditching the plastic and using their mobile devices to store, send, and redeem cards.

To see Ronnie’s Vines about Gyft, simply look for them on the Vine app after 4pm PST on 12/5/13.

Gyft Vine Campaign

On your mark, get set, GO.

If you’re a brand who’s interested in influencer marketing via Vine, Twitter or Instagram, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 818-538-4011.

Boomopolis Partners with Top Vine Influencers to Run Contest for The Hunt

Uncategorized November 21, 2013

Manon Mathews - Vine Influencer

Manon Mathews – Vine Influencer

Meghan McCarthy - Vine Influencer

Meghan McCarthy – Vine Influencer

Boomopolis has partnered with 2 top Viner influencers – Manon Mathews and Meghan McCarthy, to run a contest for The Hunt – an app that tracks down the clothes, jewelry and other items you love but don’t know where to find. Users upload the photos of their desired items, and other users in the community tell them where they can find it.

The ContestThe Hunt
Vine users who makes the best Vine about The Hunt and tag it with #thehunt win a prize of $500 for 1st place and $250 for 2nd place. The 2 winners also get revined by both Manon and Meghan. Users just need to download The Hunt app and enter by Sunday at 7pm PST to win. The winners will be revined on Monday afternoon.

To see Manon’s and Meghan’s Vines about The Hunt, simply look for them on Vine after 2pm PST today.

On your mark, get set, GO.

If you’re a brand who’s interested in influencer marketing via Vine, Twitter or Instagram, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 818-538-4011.


UPDATE: This campaign was super successful garnering over 60,000 Likes, over 20,000 Revines, over 2000 comments and most importantly thousands of downloads for our client, The Hunt.

Congratulations to our 2 winners seen below.




Boomopolis is Now Alignining Brands with Top Influencers on Vine

Uncategorized October 17, 2013


Boomopolis has announced that it has launched a new division which will align brands and startups with top influencers on the social network, Vine. An app which allows users to upload 6 second videos, Vine is now one of the fastest growing social networks of all time – landing 40,000,000 users in just 9 months time.  Brands seeking to reach this 13 to 25 year old demographic hire Boomopolis to organize the best Vine influencers to do sponsored posts on their behalf.  These partnerships also include contests and public appearances with the influencers which can draw hundreds of fans.

LOS ANGELES, October 17, 2013

Lizzza Vine

Lizzza is a top Vine influencer with over 1 million followers.

Vine is a mobile app from Twitter for sharing videos that are no more than six-seconds long. Since its debut, the social network has reached over 40,000,000 users and is growing more every day. Because of this, many of the top influencers of Vine have become celebrities. One of these influencers, Jessi Smiles, went from 3,000 to 1 million followers in just 30 days.  She and many of her influencer colleagues now do public appearances and Vines for top brands – earning thousands of dollars.  Some of the brands who have already participated include Lyft, Spotify, Hulu, GE, Wendy’s, Trident, Virgin Mobile, Yoplait, Aquafina and even Disney.

“They’re all aiming to reach the 13 to 25 year old demographic,” says Evan Aaronson, founder of Boomopolis, a marketing agency which is now matching brands and startups with top Vine influencers.

Vine distinguishes itself from You Tube and other web video services because it’s all through one’s phone.  “Because your phone is associated with your personal contacts, you feel like you really get to know these top Viner personalities, like they’re your real friends,” says Aaronson.  “And these Vines are immediate – so you’re looking at video that may have just happened 5 minutes ago – which is the next best thing to talking live to a celebrity.  When you slip in a subtle brand display/mention into that mix, you get serious traction.”


Aaronson recently did a deal for the startup, Locket (getlocket.com) with top Vine influencers. “The engagement with these followers is off the hook,” he says. “Many of these branded campaigns like GE are getting more than 75,000 likes off of just one Vine through an influencer. And the best part, there is ZERO production cost to make these videos. To me, it’s a no brainer for a brand to get involved.”

Aaronson serves as the liason between the brand and the talent. He advises on the best type of exposure (either sponsored vines, a contest, or an event), determines the number of influencers (they usually range from 1 to 5), and hand picks the best ones for the job.

Cody Johns

Cody Johns – Top Vine Influencer – Over 1 million Followers

The Locket campaign, which goes live today at 3pm PST, involves a contest whereby 2 influencers, Cody Johns and Lizzza (each having over 1 million followers), challenge their fans to make the best Vine for the brand.  The one with the most likes as well as the judges choice winner each get $500.  “This makes perfect sense for Locket,” a company who’s quickly gaining traction, says Aaronson. “They’re a phone app which allows users to earn money by simply unlocking their phone and viewing an ad. Every Vine user is a smart phone user, so it’s very targeted.”

The public appearances and events can also draw hundreds, even thousands, of the followers’ fans.  The brand can then give away something to the attendee (i.e. $5 credit) in exchange for them Instagramming the photo of them with Viner in front of the brand’s logo. This helps the brand get attention both at the event and outside of it.

To see the Locket engagement in action, please visit the Vine profiles of Lizza or Cody Johns at any time from October 17th to October 19th.

To inquire about getting your brand mentioned by top Vine influencers, call Boomopolis at 818-538-4011 or email info@boomopolis.com


Top 5 TV & Radio Technology Experts & Technology Commentators

TV & Radio August 2, 2013

In the 5th of our experts on TV series, we focus on technology. The digital age has drastically transformed the landscape in which we work and live. Children are now more technologically savvy than the adults that raised them.  Information is transmitted almost instantaneously and although life is made easier, certain challenges have also arisen. This has given birth to technology commentators that are now needed to help individuals navigate through the digital maze. In this segment we explore technology experts that appear as commentators on television and radio. Here are a list of the top five TV experts and how they got their start.

Leo Laporte - Technology CommentatorTechnology Expert #1 – Leo Laporte – Over 475,000 Twitter Followers

Leo Laport is an Emmy Award winning American technology author, broadcaster and entrepreneur. Leo started at Yale University studying Chinese history before dropping out to pursue a career in radio broadcasting. According the Laport, he purchased his first Mac in 1984 and operated one of the first Mac-only bulletin board systems from 1985 to 1988. In addition to writing several technology-oriented books, he has worked on tech-related broadcasting projects such as Dvorak on Computers in January 1991 and Laporte on Computers on KGO Radio and KSFO in San Franciso. He earned an Emmy Award for his work on MSNBC’s The Site.

Kim Komando - technology commentatorTechnology Expert #2 – Kim Komando – Over 31,000 Twitter Followers

Kim Komando appeared on CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, BBC and Fox News. She is the host of an American talk radio program based on the use of the Internet, popularity of personal computers and the complexities of consumer electronics. She started out working for IBM, AT&T and Unisys in the sales department.  She began her public career writing a column about computers in the Arizona Business Gazette which eventually led to a call-in talk show on computers that would air late at night on KFYI in Pheonix, Arizona.

Mario Armstrong - Technology CommentatorTechnology Expert #3 – Mario Armstrong – Over 14,500 Twitter Followers

Mario is a radio and TV talk show host who’s focus is on technology and the digital lifestyle. He discusses pertinent tech issues on his radio program, “The Mario Armstrong Show” and is a regular contributer to CNN and NPR’s Morning Edition. He is the co-founder of the Urban Video Game Academy which is an educational, non-profit program that uses video games to increase student’s interest and academic achievement in science, technology and math.  Mario Armstrong got his start working in the tech industry for more than 12 years and was the first Chief Technology Officer of Baltimore City for then mayor, Martin O’Malley. He also served as the IT Director for the State of Maryland’s Tourism department.  Mario is recognized as the “Top 40 under 40” Emerging Leaders in the Baltimore Business Journal.

kevin-rose-business-weekTechnology Expert #4 – Kevin Rose – Over 1, 400,000 Twitter Followers

Kevin Rose, who co-founded Revision3, Digg, Pownce, and Milk, is a former American Internet entrepreneur.  He served as a production assistant and co-host at TechTV’s The Screen Savers. Born in Redding, California, he spent most of his childhood in Las Vegas, Nevada. He began appearing on-air in the Dark Tip segments and on Unscrewed with Martin Sargent where he provided information on developing computing activities. He also appeared on the first episode of R&D TV alongside Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht and has made appearances as a guest on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Shelly Palmer - Technology CommentatorTechnology Expert #5 – Shelly Palmer – Over 94,000 Twitter Followers

Shelly Palmer graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1979 with a B.A. in direction and production of film and television. His first job was as a staff composer and producer for Don Elliot Productions and his first “full service” radio production client was The ABC Television Network. Through working with ABC, he was placed on a path toward more radio work in the future.  He evolved into an advertising, marketing and technology consultant and business advisor. He hosts Fox Television’s Shelly Palmer Digital Living and is the previous host of Comcast/NBC Universal’s Live Digital with Shelly Palmer.


Stay tuned for the top 5 Home Improvement & Design Experts. What do you think? Did we miss anyone? Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.



*GET LISTED AS AN EXPERT FOR FREE with Boomopolis.tv, and maximize your media exposure. Start HERE.

*Are you a small business, startup or professional who needs strategic social media management? Let us bring you new and repeat customers – starting at $99/month. Find out more at Boomopolis.com.

*More info at 818-538-4011

Top 5 TV Legal Commentators

TV & Radio July 16, 2013

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Nancy Grace or watched Greta Van Susteren in action, you may have wondered how these individuals got their start. It’s not rocket science to figure out that by associating with high profile cases or high profile people in some way or another, you get noticed. In addition to attention through association, these specific individuals have expertise in the areas they are presenting on television, are able to articulate the case in ways the general public can understand, and have an understanding of the show they are on and what is expected of them by the audience. We have compiled a list of the top five legal commentators based on name recognition.

greta-van-susteren-legal-commentatorCelebrity Legal Commentator #1: Greta Van Susteren (Over 300,000 Twitter Followers)

Greta Van Susteren earned her J.D. From Georgetown University Law Center in 1979 and prior to starting in television, worked as an adjunct faculty member in Georgetown Law as well as maintaining a full time legal career. She got her start as a legal commentator through appearing as a legal analyst on CNN during coverage of the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial. This led to her stint on CNN’s Burden of Proof and The Point. In 2002, after a highly publicized contract bidding war, she switched to the Fox News Channel and began hosting the current affairs show On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren.

DanAbrams-Legal ExpertCelebrity Legal Commentator #2:  Dan Abrams (Over 50,000 Twitter Followers)

Dan Abrams is an American television host, legal commentator, Web entrepreneur and author. He obtained his B.A. cum laude in political science from Duke University in 1988. While at Duke, he anchored newscasts on Cable 13, a student run channel. He went on to receive his J.D. From Columbia University Law School in 1992. Dan got his start working as a reporter for Court TV where he covered the O.J. Simpson case, as well as the International War Crimes Tribunal from the Netherlands and the assisted-suicide trials of Dr. Jack Kevorkian. He is currently a legal analyst at ABC News Good Morning America and a substitute anchor for the network.  He has previously worked as a chief legal analyst for NBC News, as General Manager of MSNBC and as an anchor for that network.

nancy-grace-legal-expertCelebrity Legal Commentator #3: Nancy Grace (Over 375,000 Twitter Followers)

Nancy Grace worked for almost a decade in the Atlanta-Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney’s office as a Special Prosecutor prior to her career as a broadcaster. After leaving the Fulton County prosecutors’ office, she was approached by Steven Brill, the Court TV founder, to do a legal commentary show right alongside Johnnie Cochran.  Johnnie Cochran left the show and she was moved to a solo trial coverage show on Court TV. She began hosting Nancy Grace on CNN Headline News in 2005, a regular primetime legal analysis show.

top legal commentatorCelebrity Legal Commentator #4: Mark Geragos (Over 75,000 Twitter Followers)

Mark Geragos, born in Los Angeles, CA, graduated from Loyola Law School in 1982, is currently the managing partner at The Law Offices of Geragos and Geragos. Geragos apppears as a guest and legal commentator on the Today show, Good Morning America, 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper 360 and On the Record. He obtained national attention through representing convicted Whitewater figure Susan McDougal, the former business partner of former President Bill Clinton. He also handled Michael Jackson’s molestation case in the early stages as well as the Scott Peterson death penalty case.

Top TV Legal ExpertsCelebrity Legal Commentator #5: Ann Coulter (Over 375,000 Twitter Followers) 

Ann Coulter, who frequently appears on TV, radio and public speaking events, is an American conservative social and political commentator. She is also a best-selling author, syndicated columnist and lawyer.  Coulter can be a controversial figure as she likes to “stir the pot” and not pretend to be impartial. She got her start in the 1990s when she was an outspoken critic of the Clinton Administration.

Celebrity Legal Commentator RUNNER UPS: Robert Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz and Gloria Allred 


Stay tuned for the top 5 Tech and Home TV Experts. What do you think? Did we miss anyone? Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.



*GET LISTED AS AN EXPERT FOR FREE with Boomopolis.tv, and maximize your media exposure. Start HERE.

*Are you a small business, startup or professional who needs strategic social media management? Let us bring you new and repeat customers – starting at $99/month. Find out more at Boomopolis.com.

*More info at 818-538-4011

Social Media for Restaurants

Social Media July 10, 2013

social media marketing for restaurantsVOLUME 3 in our series of social media for specific industries is about social media for restaurants. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Yelp have never been more important in determining a restaurant’s success. When I personally look for a new place to eat, I search the web to find customer reviews. Occasionally, I’ll even throw out a question on Facebook, “Hey, anyone know of any romantic restaurants in the valley?” as an example. This is what’s called a social signal, and you, as a restaurant owner, can take advantage of that.

While restaurants are realizing the importance of social media, a recently released a study, “Social Media Use in the Restaurant Industry: A Work in Progress,” by Abigail M. Needles and Gary M. Thompson found that many restaurants are moving ahead without having well-defined social media goals. Added Thompson: “Restaurant operators have the right idea about social media, but they need to focus on a particular goal and a specific market segment. Then they can select the appropriate social media channel. Most of the restaurants in our study are on Facebook, but perhaps Foursquare or blogs would be a better choice, once they refine their goals.”

At Boomopolis, we help develop a strategy for you. We ask our restaurant clients some key questions before we start managing their social media. These are questions that any restaurant owner should have answers to. Here are the top 5 to focus on.

Top 5 Questions Restaurants Need to Ask Before They Begin Their Social Media

1. What is your ultimate goal through social media?social-media-tips-for-restaurants
You should have this well-defined before you start. For example, you can say, “I’ll spend 10 hours a month on social media, and I expect 50 new customers and 35 returning customers through my efforts within 3 months.” Another example: “I will spend $3000 over 3 months on social media management, and I expect a ROI of 300% within that time.” To learn about accurate expectations for restaruants, each situation is different, and we can advise of you this via phone.

2. What is your budget for social media?
This can be in terms of hours per month or money per month. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you can always hire an outside company like ours.


3. What do your customers most respond to about your business?
This can be the atmosphere, the reasonable prices, the menu, etc.

4. What tone would you like to relay to your customers?
Every company has a different voice. Some companies are edgy while others are more refined. You should know yours.

5. What are your top 10 keywords that would drive customers to your business?
Some examples: “romantic dining Los Angeles”, “Chinese Food Springfield”, “restaurants for big parties in Malibu”.

BONUS: Is there anything unique to your narrative?
Maybe your father started the business 20 years ago, and you took over. People like behind the scenes stories.


Once we begin a campaign, we use a number of different tactics in order to get the best results for our restaurant clients. If you manage your own social media, here are a few tips.

social-media-for-restaurantsTop 10 Social Media Tips for Restaurants

1. Make sure you have accounts on all the major networks. The top social networks for restaurants are: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google+, Trip Advisor, You Tube, and FourSquare. Foursquare allows users to “check in” to the different venues including stores, restaurants and events via their smart phones. By claiming your business listing on Foursquare you have the ability to see who is “checking in” to your restaurant in real-time.

2. Blog. Like any other businesses, it’s important to blog. How often should restaurants blog? The more the merrier, but a minimum of twice a month.

3. Tweet and Do Status Updates. Again, the more the merrier, but at least once a day.

4. Great Content. What should restaurants post or blog about? Here a few suggestions: new projects such as new openings or remodels, show off new menu items, include a customer review in one of your blogs.

5. Respond to customer complaints online as soon as possible.

6. Get Alerted by Google: Visit http://www.google.com/alerts and set up an account. You can tell Google to send alert messages to your e-mail whenever your restaurant name is mentioned online and they will send you a link to the site where your restaurant is mentioned.

7. Follow and Connect. On Twitter, you can search for phrases like “Need a good Italian restaurant in Springfield,” and a list of users will pop up who have said that. At that point, you can follow them, and the user will see your restaurant. If they follow you back, you can send them direct messages. Ideally, you should attempt to connect with every one of your customers through social media. Your Twitter handle and or Facebook page should be on a receipt, and printed materials should be in your restaurant – either on the menu or in the window.

8. Record videos and upload them to You Tube. It can be something simple like a tour of the restaurant.

9. Join groups on Facebook or LinkedIn about your particular kind of food.

10. Get on TV – commercials, radio, print, etc. and become a social commentator / thought leader about the restaurant industry or your type of food – Our sister site, Contestantville.com is a great place to start.

Do you own a restaurant? Did this article help? Please let us know your thoughts.



*GET LISTED AS AN EXPERT FOR FREE with Boomopolis.tv, and maximize your media exposure. Start HERE.

*Are you a small business, startup or professional who needs strategic social media management? Let us bring you new and repeat customers – starting at $99/month. Find out more at Boomopolis.com.

*More info at 818-538-4011



Top 5 TV Health Experts

TV & Radio July 3, 2013

Many people today look to the advice of health experts to increase their life span, ward off cancer or shed a few pounds. People are bombarded with so much information on what foods they should eat, how many times a week they need to exercise and what steps they need to take to ward off depression. Interestingly enough, many shows have popped up in an attempt to fill society’s need for more information on health related topics. Here’s where we have our top five TV health experts that I’m sure most of you are very familiar with.

Want to be  a TV Medical Expert or TV Health Expert?  Here are a few tips.

1. Be charismatic and well spoken.
2. Be knowledgeable.
3. Have a decent resume.  Dr. Oz is a graduate of Harvard
4. Be yourself. Sanjay Gupta’s best advice was when his wife told him, “when you talk to the camera, pretend that you’re talking to your patients.”
5. Pitch yourself as a radio or print commentator through Contestantville. We’ll submit for you on on your behalf.

Sanjay Gupta - TV Health Expert Celebrity Health Expert #1:  Sanjay Gupta – Over 1, 670,000 Twitter Followers

Most of you are familiar with media personality Sanjay Gupta who has been appearing for years on Sanjay Gupta, M.D., and appearing frequently on American Morning, Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper 360 programs.  His expert coverage of Hurricane Katrina from Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Lousiana earned him a 2006 Emmy Award for “Outstanding Feature Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast.” In 2003 Gupta went to Iraq to cover the medial aspects of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.  Sanjay Gupta performed emergency surgery on both US soldiers and Iraqi civilians.  He was also offered the job of Surgeon General, but he turned it down.

Dr. Oz - TV Medical ExpertCelebrity Health Expert #2: Dr. Oz – Over 2,950,000 Twitter Followers 

If your doctor has a television, most likely he will have Dr. Oz recorded on his television for all the patients to watch.  Dr. Oz got his start on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2004 and later on Larry King Live.  Dr. Oz started his daily television program, The Dr. Oz Show, in 2009 to focus on personal health and medical issues.  Dr. Oz was ranged 44th on its list of “100 Most Influential People in 2008” by Time magazine.

Dr. Phil - TV Medical ExpertCelebrity Health Expert #3: Dr. Phil – Over 1, 150,000 Twitter Followers

Phil McGraw, more famously known as Dr. Phil, is an American television personality, author, psychologist and host of Dr. Phil which started in 2002.  Dr. Phil graudated in 1975 from Midwestern State University with a BA in psychology and then earned a Masters of Arts in experimental psychology in 1976 and obtained his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of North Texas in 1979.   Dr. Phil formed Peteski Productions in September 2002 and launched his show Dr. Phil, produced by Winfrey’s Harpo Studios.  Each show, Dr. Phil tackles a different topic, offering advice for his guest’s issues.  He got his TV break when he consulted with Oprah during her trial with the beef industry.  She liked him and first put him on as a guest on her show.

Deepak Chopra - TV Health ExpertCelebrity Health Expert #4:  Deepak Chopra – Over 1, 500,000 Twitter Followers

Deepak transitioned into TV appearances by first being a writer. Deepak Chopra has written over 70 books, 21 of which have been New York Times best sellers. Whether you’ve heard of him through television or the news, this health expert offers a holistic view and an alternative medicine approach.  Chopra and David Simon, a neurologist, founded the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.  He also established the Chopra Foundation to further the cause of mind/body spiritual healing, research and education through fundraising.   According to Time magazine, Deepak is “a magnet for criticism,” as his critics accuse him of creating a false sense of hope in sick individuals prompting them to avoid much needed medical care

Dr. Ruth - TV Medical ExpertCelebrity Health Expert #5: Dr. Ruth – Over 74,000 Twitter Followers

Ruth Westheimer is an American sex therapist, media personality, and author who in the 80s ushered in a new age of freer talk about sex on radio and television. In 1939, her family sent the young Ruth to Switzerland to escape the Nazis. Moving to New York in 1956, she worked for Planned Parenthood. A lecture she delivered in 1980 led to a radio talkshow called Sexually Speaking. The show was a hit and after appearances on Late Night with David Letterman in the early 1980s, Westheimer became nationally known as Dr. Ruth.  In 1982, her TV show, Sexually Speaking, first aired as a 15-minute taped show on Lifetime Cable has increased in popularity and has been nationally syndicated.


Stay tuned for the top 5 Tech and Legal TV Experts. What do you think? Did we miss anyone? Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


*GET LISTED AS AN EXPERT FOR FREE with Boomopolis.tv, and maximize your media exposure on TV and radio. Start HERE.

*Are you a small business, startup or professional who needs strategic social media management? Let us bring you new and repeat customers – starting at $99/month. Find out more at Boomopolis.com.

*More info at 818-538-4011

Top 5 TV Food Experts

TV & Radio June 26, 2013

In the second of our series on TV experts, we are focusing on FOOD.

If you have ever sat down to watch The Food Network, you are no doubt familiar with the celebrity chefs that continue to appear there time and time again.  Although cooking is something we do in our daily lives, these five chefs have created it into an art form.   From delicious Italian cuisine to 30 minute meals. By watching the food network we immerse ourselves into the world of flavor, into the science of blending spices to create delectable dishes that please the most discerning tastes.  As a foodie for many years and a dedicated Food Network follower, I have come up with my list of top 5 TV food experts.

bobby flay1. Bobby Flay – Over 850,000 Twitter Followers

Bobby Flay has made his appearance as the star of Boy Meets Grill, Grill It!, Food Nation, Hot Off the Grill, The Next Food Network Star, Iron Chef America, The Main Ingredient and Throwdown with Bobby Flay, to name a few.  Bobby Flay has been wowing audiences with amazing dishes that are hot off the grill for years now.  I have fond memories of watching him whip together a delicious guacamole in front of a small intimate group of people, then creating strawberry margauritas to complete the meal!

curtis stone2. Curtis Stone – Over 100,000 Twitter Followers

Curtis Stone, an Australian chef on his series Take Home Chef,  meets people in the grocery store and then helps those people create a meal for their loved ones at home.  Stone takes natural, organic ingredients and creates one of a kind, original dishes.  The appeal comes not only from the creation of amazing dishes but actually showing people how to use ordinary grocery store items to create dishes that wow their friends and family.  Yes, we can all do it too!

rachael ray3. Rachael Ray – Over 975,000 Twitter Followers

Yes, you too can have delicious meals in thirty minutes.  Celebrity chef Rachael Ray has been touting her 30 minute meals for over a decade.  She began with humble beginnings in Upstate New York and became an American television personality, businesswoman, celebrity cook and author.  She hosts the daily talk and lifestyle program Rachael Ray, and three Food Network series, 30 Minute meals, Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels and $40 a Day.  Rachael Ray has also written cookbooks based on the 30 minute meals concept and has launched a magazine, Every Day With Rachael Ray.

mario batali4. Mario Batali – Over 475,000 Twitter Followers

From someone who has watched The Food Network for over a decade, I thought I knew all the celebrity chefs quite well.  They spent a lifetime mastering the art of cooking…or did they?  Mario Batali actually originally attended Rutgers University with a dual major in Spanish Theater and Business Management with the aspirations of being a banker in Spain.  But I guess fate had other plans for him as he began his career as a dishwasher at the New Jersey restaurant Stuff Yer Face and quickly moved up to pizza maker.  It was while making pizza that he realized food was his calling and enrolled in Cordon Bleu in London.  From there, he spent 3 years cooking in a small town in Italy and discovered his passion for Italian food.  Mario creates traditional Italian dishes with seasonal ingredients that are locally available.  Babbo in Greenwich Village, NY is is flagship restaurant.

barefoot contessa5. Ina Garten – Over 35,000 Twitter Followers

If there’s one thing about Ina Garten that I absolutely love, it’s her ability to make you feel completely at home in her kitchen.  Another chef who actually did not start her career in food but rather working in the White House on nuclear energy policy, Ina has created a name for herself as a celebrity chef who prepares home cooked meals for her loving husband Jeffrey Garten, a former offical in the Clinton administration.  Ina creates amazing meals right from her kitchen in the Hampton’s.  She creates delicious meals that can inspire anyone to get into their kitchens and get cooking!


Stay tuned for the top 5 Health, Tech, Home and Legal TV Experts. What do you think? Did we miss anyone? Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.



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Social Media for Accountants

Social Media June 20, 2013

Social Media for AccountantsIn the second of our series on social media for specific industries, we decided to explore social media for accountants.

There’s been a recent report that accounting firms are making better use of social media than law firms, but what about smaller practices?

Many accountants who dip their toes into social media often get discouraged because a) they’re unclear on what their specific goals are and b) they don’t have a clear strategy.

So first, ask yourself, what do you want to achieve through social media? For example, you can say something like, “I’m going to spend 5 hours a week on social media for 3 months, and I’d like to get at least 2 new clients out of it.”

Secondly, how will you use social media – will you blog, post on Twitter, comment on other’s posts, make a video. Decide this ahead of time.

At Boomopolis, we believe in starting with a 3 month strategy. By the end of the first 3 months, if you are doing a minimum of 5 hours a week, you should definitely see a nice return on your investment.

And remember, through various services, you can schedule your activities to post at certain times, so you can literally sit down for one 5 hour session and take care of all your social media for the whole week.

If you don’t have 5 hours, you can always hire a service like us to take care of it for you.

social media for accountantsTOP 5 TIPS:

1. It’s better to post in your own name than in your firm’s name.

2. Don’t make every post about accounting. Determine what your voice is. (Is it funny, philosophical, inspiring?) Include posts that will brighten up people’s day.

3. Ask for endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn. They’ll fill up your profile and will gain trust in your current and potential clients.

4. Don’t forget about Twitter. It’s proven very successful with lawyers. Accountant can benefit from it as well.

5. Make an online video – even one video with great keywords is amazing for SEO.

Elaine Clarke of cheapaccounting.co.uk says “Social media has helped me to grow at a very rapid pace; a pace that I would not have been able to achieve if not for social media.”

Are you an accountant? Did this article help? Please let us know your thoughts.



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Top 5 TV Financial Experts

TV & Radio June 14, 2013

Since one of the chief goals of Boomopolis.tv is to get industry experts in the media, over the next few months, we decided to look at some popular categories and see who the Top 10 TV experts are in each category. The categories are going to be Financial, Health, Food, Tech and Legal.  If you’d like to nominate anyone, please let us know in the comments below.  You can also nominate a new category as well. OK, so first up is top 5 TV financial experts.  Here we go.

Top 5 TV Financial Experts (including Business and Money)

financial tv expert1. Suze Orman – 1.5 million Twitter Followers

How can you not like Suze Orman?  She’s brash, to the point, and personable all at the same time. Little known fact is that she was working as a waitress when an anonymous man gave her about $50K to start her business. She was able to pay him back very quickly, and the rest is history. (Wikipedia says it was from friends and family. In an interview, however, she said it was from one man who was her mentor.)

business tv expert2. Jim Cramer – Over 650,000 Twitter Followers

Host of Mad Money on CNBC.  He once got pumelled in an interview by Jon Stewart who got upset that he did not warn the general public when the market was about to crash.  He actually graduated from Harvard College studying journalism at first and finally graduating with a B.A. in government.  He was a hedge fund manager before becoming an author and TV personality.


TV financial expert3. Donald Trump – Over 2.2 million Twitter Followers

Love him or hate him, people go to the guy for financial advice – even though his track record is definitely hit and miss.  He probably makes more money in licensing his name than anything else. He demands over 1 million dollars per speech – that’s pretty much the highest of anyone.


velshi.ali4. Ali Velshi – Over 150,000 Twitter Followers

CNN seemed to love this guy, until he took the job over at Al Jazeera.  In any case, Ali knows his stuff when it comes to money plus he’s married to a hedge fund manager.


business tv expert5. Clark Howard – Over 65,000 Twitter Followers

Helps you save more, spend less and avoid rip-offs. He started in the travel agency business, then sold it, and started to be a radio commentator on travel related issues.  That then led to more appearances and eventually, his own radio show.  He now hosts his own show called Evening Express on HLN


Stay tuned for the top 5 Health, Food, Tech and Legal TV Experts.

What do you think? Did we miss anyone? Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.



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