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Top 5 TV Health Experts

TV & Radio July 3, 2013

Many people today look to the advice of health experts to increase their life span, ward off cancer or shed a few pounds. People are bombarded with so much information on what foods they should eat, how many times a week they need to exercise and what steps they need to take to ward off depression. Interestingly enough, many shows have popped up in an attempt to fill society’s need for more information on health related topics. Here’s where we have our top five TV health experts that I’m sure most of you are very familiar with.

Want to be  a TV Medical Expert or TV Health Expert?  Here are a few tips.

1. Be charismatic and well spoken.
2. Be knowledgeable.
3. Have a decent resume.  Dr. Oz is a graduate of Harvard
4. Be yourself. Sanjay Gupta’s best advice was when his wife told him, “when you talk to the camera, pretend that you’re talking to your patients.”
5. Pitch yourself as a radio or print commentator through Contestantville. We’ll submit for you on on your behalf.

Sanjay Gupta - TV Health Expert Celebrity Health Expert #1:  Sanjay Gupta – Over 1, 670,000 Twitter Followers

Most of you are familiar with media personality Sanjay Gupta who has been appearing for years on Sanjay Gupta, M.D., and appearing frequently on American Morning, Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper 360 programs.  His expert coverage of Hurricane Katrina from Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Lousiana earned him a 2006 Emmy Award for “Outstanding Feature Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast.” In 2003 Gupta went to Iraq to cover the medial aspects of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.  Sanjay Gupta performed emergency surgery on both US soldiers and Iraqi civilians.  He was also offered the job of Surgeon General, but he turned it down.

Dr. Oz - TV Medical ExpertCelebrity Health Expert #2: Dr. Oz – Over 2,950,000 Twitter Followers 

If your doctor has a television, most likely he will have Dr. Oz recorded on his television for all the patients to watch.  Dr. Oz got his start on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2004 and later on Larry King Live.  Dr. Oz started his daily television program, The Dr. Oz Show, in 2009 to focus on personal health and medical issues.  Dr. Oz was ranged 44th on its list of “100 Most Influential People in 2008” by Time magazine.

Dr. Phil - TV Medical ExpertCelebrity Health Expert #3: Dr. Phil – Over 1, 150,000 Twitter Followers

Phil McGraw, more famously known as Dr. Phil, is an American television personality, author, psychologist and host of Dr. Phil which started in 2002.  Dr. Phil graudated in 1975 from Midwestern State University with a BA in psychology and then earned a Masters of Arts in experimental psychology in 1976 and obtained his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of North Texas in 1979.   Dr. Phil formed Peteski Productions in September 2002 and launched his show Dr. Phil, produced by Winfrey’s Harpo Studios.  Each show, Dr. Phil tackles a different topic, offering advice for his guest’s issues.  He got his TV break when he consulted with Oprah during her trial with the beef industry.  She liked him and first put him on as a guest on her show.

Deepak Chopra - TV Health ExpertCelebrity Health Expert #4:  Deepak Chopra – Over 1, 500,000 Twitter Followers

Deepak transitioned into TV appearances by first being a writer. Deepak Chopra has written over 70 books, 21 of which have been New York Times best sellers. Whether you’ve heard of him through television or the news, this health expert offers a holistic view and an alternative medicine approach.  Chopra and David Simon, a neurologist, founded the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.  He also established the Chopra Foundation to further the cause of mind/body spiritual healing, research and education through fundraising.   According to Time magazine, Deepak is “a magnet for criticism,” as his critics accuse him of creating a false sense of hope in sick individuals prompting them to avoid much needed medical care

Dr. Ruth - TV Medical ExpertCelebrity Health Expert #5: Dr. Ruth – Over 74,000 Twitter Followers

Ruth Westheimer is an American sex therapist, media personality, and author who in the 80s ushered in a new age of freer talk about sex on radio and television. In 1939, her family sent the young Ruth to Switzerland to escape the Nazis. Moving to New York in 1956, she worked for Planned Parenthood. A lecture she delivered in 1980 led to a radio talkshow called Sexually Speaking. The show was a hit and after appearances on Late Night with David Letterman in the early 1980s, Westheimer became nationally known as Dr. Ruth.  In 1982, her TV show, Sexually Speaking, first aired as a 15-minute taped show on Lifetime Cable has increased in popularity and has been nationally syndicated.


Stay tuned for the top 5 Tech and Legal TV Experts. What do you think? Did we miss anyone? Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


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