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Maximize Your Exposure: TV and Radio Opportunities for Small Businesses, Startups and Professionals.

Upgrade to a Featured Ad

By placing a featured ad, you get a lot more exposure.

  • It shows up in the rotating main slider on the home page.

  • It shows up at the top of the search results

  • It’s highlighted.

  • It shows up in most of the sidebars.

  • EMAILS: PRODUCERS/WRITERS: Your media opportunity/ casting notice shows up at the top of  our weekly email to opted-in contestants/experts.  Upon special request, you  can also have it go out in a dedicated email to all of our contestants/experts within 24 hours after submission.  EXPERTS: Your listing shows up in  our monthly email to opted-in producers.

  • We include at least one social media mention about your listing to our thousands of followers.

The cost is just $16.65/month (3 month minimum).


To purchase, simply click on the button below, and we’ll repost your current ad for an additional 90 days.

Please allow 48 hours for the ad to be displayed.